Cup Storage & Washing Solutions

Looking for a way to organise and safeguard breakable kitchen items? At Storage Box Shop, we stock a range of plastic storage containers to help you safely wash, store and transport your cups and other crockery. 

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Our boxes, racks and crates are manufactured from durable, high-density polypropylene and polyethylene. This makes them perfect for commercial use within the events-hire, hospitality and catering industries. 

Complete with handy dividers and inserts, our diverse selection features everything from coffee mug storage boxes to dishwasher racks specially designed to accommodate milk jugs.

Our crockery storage containers offer a simple, cost-effective way of organising and protecting breakable kitchen items. Shop from our range of durable cup storage and washing solutions online now.

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Solid Euro Box For Storage & Transportation of Espresso Cups & Other Crockery With 30 Cells (Cell Size: 90x69mm)

Solid Euro Box For Storage & Transportation of Espresso Cups & Other Crockery With 30 Cells (Cell Size: 90x69mm)

From £21.99 ex. VAT
From £26.39 incl. VAT
This solid Euro box is the ultimate coffee-lover's sidekick! Perfect for storage & transportation of espresso cups, with 30 cells to guarantee you get your java-fix! Each cell is a snug 90x69mm size - when it comes to your daily espresso, we've got you covered!
Correx Storage Box for Espresso Cups With 24 Cells Cell Size 80x78mm

Correx Storage Box for Espresso Cups with 24 Cells (Cell Size: 80x78mm)

From £11.50 ex. VAT
From £13.80 incl. VAT
Save time and money with this amazing espresso cup storage box! Constructed with top-grade material, this box is easily wiped clean and perfect for small coffee cups. But make sure your cups don't exceed the maximum item dimensions listed—select from a variety of heights above. Max Item Diameter: 65mm Max Item Width (incl. spout & handle): 90mm
Correx Storage Box For Gravy Boat With 9 Cells

Correx Storage Box for Gravy Boat with 9 Cells (Cell Size: 160x111mm)

From £11.99 ex. VAT
From £14.39 incl. VAT
This gravy boat storage box packs a powerful punch and offers amazing value! Crafted from top-notch materials, it safeguards catering essentials in nine secure compartments. Can you fit your goods within the noted dimensions? You can select the right height for your needs! Max Item diameter: 111mm Max Item width (including spout & handle): 160mm

Our Range of Cup Storage & Washing Solutions 

Are you looking for an easy way to wash tea cups or glassware after catering for an event? Perhaps you want a handy coffee mug storage box with dividers for your restaurant. At Storage Box Shop, we offer food-safe cup storage and washing solutions to meet your every need. 

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Paired with dividers and inserts, our commercial cup storage containers increase the organisation and safety of your crockery. They’re also available in different cell sizes and heights to ensure a snug fit for a variety of items. 

Here’s what you can expect to find in our range of crockery storage boxes, racks and crates. 

Correx Cup Storage Boxes 

Made in the UK, our Correx boxes are great for anyone needing a sturdy storage box for their crockery. With a twin-wall PP construction, these heavy-duty boxes boast a 10kg weight-bearing capacity. Despite their sturdy construction, these boxes are lightweight and have secure grip hand holes for easy transportation. 

Each container comes with Correx dividers that enable you to modify the interior of your storage box with compartments. This is great for organising and safeguarding your items. Additionally, these boxes are resistant to water, chemicals, and heat and compatible with place-on lids for increased protection. 

Dishwasher Cup Racks 

We stock a variety of chemical and heat-resistant HDPP dishwasher cup racks made in Austria. These containers are compatible with a variety of dividers and inserts for unique storage solutions. You can also easily customise their height with extenders and frames, making them ideal for use as event or catering storage containers. 

Besides offering great storage for your cups, our racks are also optimal for safely washing your crockery. Not only are they suitable for conveyor washing, but they boast an Efficient Wash Design (EWD) that includes meshed bases and sides for easy drainage and increased cleanliness. 

Solid Euro Cup Storage Boxes 

Searching for the ideal tea cup storage box or coffee mug storage containers? Look no further than our HDPP Euro storage boxes from Germany. These plastic storage boxes with dividers are easily stacked atop other Euro containers to save space. 

With a sleek but sturdy design, our water and heat-resistant Euro boxes make ideal coffee cup storage and mug storage solutions. They also feature hand grips or holes (depending on their height) for easy transportation and come with your choice of a place-on or lockable hinged lid. 

Ventilated Cup Wash & Store Crates

Our German-made plastic storage crates boast a durable HDPE construction that makes them perfect for intense commercial use in restaurants and other fast-paced environments. With place-on lid options, various divider sizes, and hand holes on every side, these Euro-compatible containers provide hassle-free storage and transportation solutions.

Resistant to chemicals and heat, our cup crate range also has a ventilated design for increased water and airflow during wash cycles. This means they’re not only a great method of storage for crockery items, but they also help increase wash efficiency. 

Want to know more about expertly storing, washing and transporting your coffee mugs, glassware, and other crockery items? Contact our expert team for guidance on the ideal solutions from our cup storage box range. 

Storage Box Shop: Expert Storage Solutions in the UK

At Storage Box Shop, we are passionate about providing high-quality storage solutions that are both durable and effective. We cater to a diverse range of customers — from events-hire and hospitality industries to engineering companies. 

Want to get the most out of our crockery storage solutions? We stock customisable vinyl labels to help you organise your cup storage boxes and crates. 

Ordering & Delivery

We offer efficient delivery throughout the UK, with 95% of our orders delivered within 1 working day. To enjoy our next-day delivery service, simply order your crockery storage box or other products before 12pm on a weekday. 

Are you searching for reliable glassware or coffee mug storage boxes? Shop our cup storage range now and get free UK-mainland delivery for orders over £499.