Correx Cup Storage Boxes

Does your event hire or vintage chinaware company spend large sums of money replacing broken cups, jugs and other crockery each month? Storage Box Shop offers reliable Correx cup boxes to protect your breakables and help you save money on replacements. 

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This range boasts a durable polypropylene construction and comes with cushioned dividers for increased protection of delicate items. Available in diverse heights and with compartments of various sizes, these boxes are suitable for a variety of crockery. They offer a secure and effective way to organise, store and transport your breakables.

Experience superior organisation and protection with Correx cup boxes from Storage Box Shop. Explore our online selection now for innovative cup storage solutions. 

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Correx Storage Box for Espresso Cups With 24 Cells Cell Size 80x78mm

Correx Storage Box for Espresso Cups with 24 Cells (Cell Size: 80x78mm)

From £11.50 ex. VAT
From £13.80 incl. VAT
Save time and money with this amazing espresso cup storage box! Constructed with top-grade material, this box is easily wiped clean and perfect for small coffee cups. But make sure your cups don't exceed the maximum item dimensions listed—select from a variety of heights above. Max Item Diameter: 65mm Max Item Width (incl. spout & handle): 90mm
Correx Storage Box For Gravy Boat With 9 Cells

Correx Storage Box for Gravy Boat with 9 Cells (Cell Size: 160x111mm)

From £11.99 ex. VAT
From £14.39 incl. VAT
This gravy boat storage box packs a powerful punch and offers amazing value! Crafted from top-notch materials, it safeguards catering essentials in nine secure compartments. Can you fit your goods within the noted dimensions? You can select the right height for your needs! Max Item diameter: 111mm Max Item width (including spout & handle): 160mm
Correx Storage Box For Vintage Chinaware With 20 Cells

Correx Storage Box for Vintage Chinaware with 20 Cells (Cell Size: 95x82mm)

From £11.50 ex. VAT
From £13.80 incl. VAT
This Correx Storage Box for Vintage Chinaware is the perfect way to protect your delicate cups and saucers, without breaking the bank. It's made with premium materials for long-term use and easy to clean. You'll be able to store up to 20 pieces in individual compartments; just make sure they don't exceed the maximum size noted Max Item Diameter: 75mm Max Item Width (incl. spout & handle): 100mm
Correx Storage Box For Coffee Cups With 15 Cells

Correx Storage Box for Coffee Cups with 15 Cells (Cell Size: 111x95mm)

From £11.50 ex. VAT
From £13.80 incl. VAT
This coffee cup storage box is a terrific storage option with tremendous value! Crafted from top-notch material & super simple to clean, it's ideal for stowing away cups & mugs in 15 secure pockets. Just make sure any cups don't exceed the maximum item dimensions mentioned below & select items from the heights mentioned above! Max Item Diameter: 90mm Max Item Width (incl. spout & handle): 115mm
Correx Storage Box For Chinaware With 12 Rectangular Cells

Correx Storage Box for Chinaware with 12 Rectangular Cells (Cell Size: 160x82mm)

From £11.99 ex. VAT
From £14.39 incl. VAT
This chic chinaware storage box with 12 rectangular compartments is the perfect solution for stowing your narrow crockery items with spouts and handles. Crafted from superior materials and easily wiped clean, it's a high-quality product that won't break the bank. Ensure your pieces are within the compartment dimensions before selecting from the size options above.
Correx Storage Box For Tea Cups With 12 Cells Size 120x111mm

Correx Storage Box for Tea Cups with 12 Cells (Cell Size: 120x111mm)

From £11.50 ex. VAT
From £13.80 incl. VAT
This tea cup storage box offers an amazing value and is the perfect storage solution for all types of chinaware. Made from top-grade materials and easily wiped clean, you won't regret your purchase. Make sure your cups fit the maximum item dimensions specified, and select from a variety of heights! Max Item Diameter: 100mm Max Item Width (including spout & handle): 130mm
Correx Storage Box for Milk Jugs and Water Jugs with 8 Cells (Cell Size: 168x120mm)

Correx Storage Box for Milk Jugs and Water Jugs with 8 Cells (Cell Size: 168x120mm)

From £11.50 ex. VAT
From £13.80 incl. VAT
This 8-cell milk jug storage box packs unbeatable value & provides a great storage solution for all types of tableware. Crafted from premium material that's easy to maintain, don't miss out on the perfect fit for your needs--just ensure that your item is below the max item dimensions noted below & select your desired height! Max Item Diameter: 120mm Max Item Width (incl. spout & handle): 170mm
Correx Storage Box for Crockery, Tea Pots and Jugs with 6 Cells (Cell Size: 168x160mm)

Correx Storage Box for Crockery, Tea Pots and Jugs with 6 Cells (Cell Size: 168x160mm)

From £11.50 ex. VAT
From £13.80 incl. VAT
This 6-cell crockery storage box offers amazing value and the perfect storage solution. Crafted from top-grade material and easy to clean, it's ideal for keeping catering equipment safe and organised. Make sure that items fit in the compartments - choose your preferred size. What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

Our Range of Correx Cup Storage Boxes

Do you want a reliable coffee mug storage box for your cafe? Perhaps your catering company has to store a selection of delicate gravy boats. At Storage Box Shop, we stock a robust range of Correx boxes for your unique crockery storage needs. 

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As part of our collection of cup storage and washing solutions, these boxes are manufactured using food-grade polypropylene. This means they’re FDA-approved and safe to use around edible products. 

Each Correx box also boasts a 4mm twin-walled design for enhanced cushioning and shock absorption. For added protection, these containers are compatible with place-on lids that help shield contents from dust, dirt and other contaminants.

Available with compartments of various sizes, this range can accommodate a variety of cups and other crockery. Please note that you should take cup handles into consideration when selecting the size you require. We offer a 'no minimum' order policy, so you can purchase and test out a single box before committing to a bulk order.

Here’s what you can expect from our range of Correx storage boxes for crockery.

Cup Boxes With 24-20 Cells

Our compact 24 and 20-celled Correx containers have a maximum height capacity of 160mm. This makes them ideal for use as a teacup storage solution or a way to organise small bits and bobs like engineering components. 

With cells of just 80x78mm, our 24-celled boxes are especially suitable for espresso cup storage. This makes them a great choice for artisanal coffee shops or cafes with espresso machines. 

Cup Boxes With 15-9 Cells

Able to accommodate items up to 190mm tall, our 15 to 9-celled boxes can be used as everything from gravy boat holders to coffee mug storage containers. This versatile functionality makes them popular with catering companies, restaurants and other businesses that need to store breakables of various sizes. 

Cup Boxes With 12 Cells

Our unique 12-celled box options are designed to accommodate diverse storage needs in any industry. You can choose between 12 narrow or medium-width compartments with a height capacity of 190mm or 160mm, respectively. 

Narrower cells are better suited to slender items like gravy boats, while wider cells are ideal for anyone in need of a standard coffee cup storage box. These durable containers are suitable for cafes, vintage chinaware companies, and all businesses in between.

Cup Boxes With 8-6 Cells

Perfect for use as a teapot or milk jug storage container, our 8 and 6-celled containers have large compartments so you can store bulkier breakables. 

Ideal for large crockery, these storage boxes can accommodate items up to 300mm in height. They’re a great fit for catering and events hire companies that need to transport bigger items like vases. 

Protect your breakables and your bank account with Correx cup storage solutions from Storage Box Shop. Shop our trusted online selection now and get Correx boxes with UK-wide delivery.

Correx Storage Containers - FAQs

Want to further explore how a Correx crockery storage box can help your business? Read our answers to some frequently asked questions for more information.

Why should I use Correx cup box dividers?

Dividers are extremely beneficial for storing multiple small or fragile items. They’re designed to create several individual compartments within a single box or container. This helps you organise items and prevents them from knocking into one another and causing potential damage.  

Our Correx dividers are especially protective. They boast impact- and shock-resistant walls to cushion your coffee mugs, cups and other breakables. Produced using advanced digital cutting technology, these walls have a smooth finish and are free from sharp edges for extra safe loading and unloading. 

Can I stack my Correx cup boxes?

Yes, you can easily stack our Correx containers. Each box has base dimensions of 510mm by 360mm. This enables easy inter-stacking for enhanced convenience and optimisation of your storage space.

Need help choosing the best storage for your cups, mugs or other crockery? Contact us for more information about our reliable range of Correx storage containers and dividers.

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Storage Box Shop supplies expert commercial storage solutions throughout the UK. We are passionate about efficiency, and our product range is designed to help you store, transport and organise your goods with ease. We cater to diverse clientele, including event planners and automotive companies. 

Want to take your cup storage boxes to the next level? We stock high-tack vinyl labels that you can customise and use to display brand information on the sides of your Correx containers. 

Ordering & Delivery

We offer fast delivery throughout the UK, with 95% of our orders arriving within just 1 working day. If you’re eager to start using your coffee mug storage boxes or other Correx containers as soon as possible, simply place your order before 12pm on a weekday to enjoy next-day delivery.

Please note we have a return policy of 30 days from the date of delivery. 

Save time and money with Correx cup storage solutions from Storage Box Shop. Explore our robust online range and get free delivery for orders over £499.