Ventilated Wash & Store Cup Crates

Efficiency is key in busy commercial environments. Businesses often spend valuable time loading and unloading cups after a wash cycle or re-polishing them to get that special shine. This is no longer necessary with our ventilated Euro cup wash and store crates.

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This versatile range is designed to store, wash, and transport your cups, mugs, and other crockery — with no additional handling required between each step.

Crafted to offer the utmost in safety and convenience, these containers are manufactured using robust high-density polyethylene (HDPE). They also boast internal dividers for easy compartmentalisation of your cups.  

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Our Range of Cup Wash and Store Euro Crates

Within our selection of cup washing and storage solutions, we stock an array of ventilated plastic containers for cup storage, washing and transportation. Equipped with internal dividers that form cells of various sizes, this extensive range is designed to hold your cups snugly and securely.

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Each cup crate is constructed with HDPE for enhanced durability and robustness. Both lightweight and strong, these ventilated storage boxes are suitable for commercial use in busy environments like the catering or hospitality industry. They are also manufactured according to Euro-standard sizing for easy stacking and palletisation.  

When it comes to design, these Euro crates have ventilated sides and bases to facilitate effective washing. They boast hand holes for effective manual handling (especially useful for transporting heavy loads) and come with an optional place-on lid. This not only provides extra security but also helps facilitate inter-stacking.

Here’s what you can expect from our durable range of plastic ventilated crates.

Storage Crates With 8 - 6 Cells 

Do you want to securely wash and organise bulky items like jars, milk jugs, coffee pots and even vases? An 8- or 6-celled ventilated container is the solution for you. Featuring spacious compartments, these containers can hold breakables up to 320mm in height and are ideal for events hire and catering companies. 

Storage Crates With 15 - 10 Cells 

Our 15- and 10-celled Euro crates are a great choice for coffee shops and cafes. Depending on the number of cells they have, these plastic cup storage containers can hold items up to 170mm (15 cells) or 230mm (10 or 12 cells) in height. This capacity enables them to provide suitable storage for cups, coffee mugs, jars and other medium-sized chinaware.

Storage Crates With 30 - 20 Cells 

If you’re searching for a ventilated storage box with compact compartments, look no further than our 30- and 20-celled containers for cups. Ideal for barista stands or small cafes, each Euro crate container can accommodate kitchenware up to 100mm (30 cells) or 170mm (20 cells) in height. This is ideal for storing small crockery items like cups for espresso, tea and coffee. 

Browse our specialised Euro crate range now for durable cup washing and storage solutions you know you can count on. 

Ventilated Plastic Crates - FAQs

Are you considering investing in cup wash and store containers for your business? Before making your purchase, it is important to be as informed as possible. 

Read our answers to some frequently asked questions below for more information about these vented plastic containers.  

Why should I get a ventilated crate?

A ventilated crate is suitable for storing, transporting and washing a wide variety of crockery, including cups. This multi-functional use offers invaluable convenience and efficiency in fast-paced environments like restaurants. 

Opting for a ventilated design enables increased water and air flow during a wash cycle. This provides high-quality cleaning results, reducing the need for extra polishing and saving you both time and effort.

How much weight can a Euro ventilated cup storage box support?

When it comes to plastic storage for your cups, a Euro crate offers maximum strength and durability. Ideal for industrial use, each ventilated storage crate in our range has an impressive 300kg load-bearing capacity.

Besides being manufactured from robust HDPE, our ventilated storage boxes also have reinforced corners to increase structural integrity. This provides extra stability when your containers are loaded and enables them to be stacked more easily. 

Need help choosing the perfect ventilated box for your cups? Contact our expert team for more information and advice about our premium range of ventilated storage containers.

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At Storage Box Shop, we offer comprehensive storage and transportation solutions. Our high-quality product range is designed to cater to many industries, including events hire companies, restaurants, engineering businesses and more. We pride ourselves on offering products that are both durable and cost-effective, so you can get the most out of your money.

Want to take your ventilated plastic storage boxes to the next level? Browse our selection of custom dividers. Boasting a heavy-duty polypropylene construction, these robust dividers will enable you to design the perfect-sized compartments for your unique business needs.

Ordering & Delivery

We offer UK-wide delivery, with an impressive 95% of our orders delivered within 1 working day. Want to guarantee that you’ll receive your cup storage box and glassware wash crates as soon as possible? Simply place your order before 12pm on a weekday to enjoy next-day delivery.

Please note that items can be returned for up to 30 days from the date of delivery.

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