Plate Storage Boxes & Crates

Solve your plate storage headaches with our specialised range of plate storage options. At Storage Box Shop, we stock plate storage crates and boxes to provide reliable security and protection, no matter the size of your plate. 

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Effective storage enables hassle-free washing, transporting and storing of plates for your home or business. Our plate storage containers are manufactured using either HDPP polypropylene or HDPE polyethylene. Both of these plastics are known for their robustness and create plate storage boxes and crates which can withstand heavy-duty use and last for years. 

Get the perfect box and crate to keep your crockery in perfect condition and protect it from harm while stored away. Browse our selection of competitively-priced plate crates and boxes now. 

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Economy Plate Storage Boxes For Larger Charger Plates Dinner Plates Starter Plates Side Plates Other Plates

Economy Plate Storage Boxes For Larger Charger Plates, Dinner Plates, Starter Plates, Side Plates & Other Plates

From £9.50 ex. VAT
From £11.40 incl. VAT
Our comprehensive range of Economy Plate Storage Boxes is your assurance for secure plate storage and transportation, regardless of size. Meticulously crafted from heavy-duty industrial-grade food-safe HDPP plastic, these Euro Containers are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the catering and event hire industry.
Catering Equipment Storage Boxes for Plates Crockery Wine Bottles and Food

Heavy Duty Transparent Plate Box With Lid For Plates & Saucers

From £24.99 ex. VAT
From £29.99 incl. VAT
This Heavy Duty Plate Box is designed for storing plates and saucers. Its adjustable insert is crafted from a high-grade industrial plastic that is capable of supporting up to 200 kg. This storage box provides a reliable way to safeguard and organise your dishes.
Heavy Duty Plate Storage Boxes

Heavy Duty Plate Storage Boxes For Dinner Plates, Starter Plates, Side Plates, Bowls & Saucers

From £19.99 ex. VAT
From £23.99 incl. VAT
Protect your dinnerware with our Heavy Duty Plate Storage Boxes. Made from food-safe and durable plastic, they can effectively store up to 10 pieces per compartment, making them an ideal storage solution for any collection. Enjoy easy packing, protection, stacking, and storing of your dinner plates, side plates, starter plates, bowls, and saucers.
Ventilated Plate Storage Transportation Crates For Dinner Plates Starter Plates Side Plates Bowls and Saucers

Ventilated Plate Storage & Transportation Crates For Dinner Plates, Starter Plates, Side Plates, Bowls and Saucers

From £19.99 ex. VAT
From £23.99 incl. VAT
Our specialised Ventilated Chinaware Crates from Storage Box Shop are constructed from heavy-duty industrial-grade plastic, providing a lasting solution for the protection and transportation of your valuable crockery. These crates are equipped with strong, unbreakable polypropylene divider inserts, creating compartments that securely contain and protect plates and bowls of various sizes.
Slotted Plate Storage Boxes (400x300mm)

Slotted Plate Storage Boxes (400x300mm)

From £19.99 ex. VAT
From £23.99 incl. VAT
Our innovative 400x300mm Slotted Plate Boxes, are purpose-built for delicate and high-value plates. These containers feature divider inserts that create individual slotted compartments, ensuring your plates are well protected and easy to load. Their divider inserts, range of sizes, strength & durability make them a valuable investment for your chinaware.
Slotted Plate Storage Boxes 600 x 400mm

Slotted Plate Storage Boxes (600x400mm)

From £29.99 ex. VAT
From £35.99 incl. VAT
Our 600x400mm Slotted Plate Boxes provide a tailored and protective solution for high-value and delicate plates. These segmented boxes, available in varying heights and compartment sizes, are meticulously designed to accommodate and safeguard dinnerware of all sizes. Robust dividers aid with easy loading, minimise handling, & eliminate concerns of over-filling, as each box has a set capacity.
Ventilated Plate Wash and Store Crates 600 x 400mm

Ventilated Plate Wash & Store Crates (600x400mm)

From £42.99 ex. VAT
From £51.59 incl. VAT
Wash and go with our extensive range of Ventilated Plate Crates. These unique crates offer maximum protection and optimal washing results. With excellent capabilities for washing, storing, and transporting, they provide a minimal-contact, long-lasting solution. Choose from a wide range of sizes, all readily available with fast delivery.
Beaded Charger Plate Storage Box and Other Large Plates Up To 330mm

Beaded Charger Plate Storage Box & Other Large Plates Up To 330mm

£14.50 ex. VAT
£17.40 incl. VAT
This extraordinary beaded charger plate storage container takes your storage & transportation of high-frequency handled chinaware to new heights! Perfect for large plates up to 330mm wide, it's incredibly easy to load & handle. Experience unbeatable convenience with Storage Box Shop's extraordinary Beaded Charger Plate Storage Box - Plate Size up to 330mm - available online in the UK and EU!
Large Square Heavy Duty Charger Plate Storage & Transport Box - Plate Size 331 to 365mm

Large Square Heavy Duty Charger Plate Storage & Transport Box - Plate Size 331 to 365mm

£17.50 ex. VAT
£21.00 incl. VAT
Safely store and transport your charger plates with this Large Square Heavy Duty Charger Plate Storage & Transport Box! Built with heavy-duty construction to protect your plates, it's designed to fit 331-365mm plates, making it perfect for any occasion. Keep your plates safe and secure while you’re on the go!

Our Range of Plate Crates & Storage Boxes

When it comes to plates, storage is essential. However, it can be tough finding the perfect plate storage container for large events. Our wide range of high-quality, durable plastic crates and boxes has you covered. Often used as catering products or in restaurants, these plastic storage containers have the capacity to safeguard plates of various sizes and are suitable for use during transportation, storage and, in certain cases, washing. 

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Several of our plastic storage boxes and crates come with divider inserts to create individual compartments that help increase organisation, reduce the risk of plates shifting during transportation, and allow for quick and easy loading and unloading. 

Here’s what you can expect from our plate storage box and crate selection.

Economy Plate Boxes

Our economy boxes offer straightforward, cost-effective, and durable plate storage solutions. Available in different heights, these containers can store between 20 and 40 plates and come equipped with your choice of ergonomic hand grips or open handles, making them easy to carry. Each box also comes with a reinforced base and walls, making them ideal for anyone in need of robust catering products or removal solutions. 

Heavy-Duty Plate Boxes

If you need a solution that’s able to withstand rigorous use, our heavy-duty plate boxes are the way to go. These have a durable material, including reinforced base and wall structures. Our standard heavy-duty boxes come with robust inserts that enable you to divide them into your choice of 2 to 8 compartments. 

We also offer transparent boxes with adjustable inserts. The transparency allows you to see the contents of each box without having to open it, while the versatile inserts offer custom configuration for extra secure storage. A transparent plate storage box helps facilitate the extreme organisation necessary in restaurants and catering environments. 

Slotted Plate Boxes

Need to safely transport and store delicate or expensive plates? Whether you’re a vintage plate stockist or run an event-hire company, our slotted plate boxes are the perfect solution. Available in various sizes and with a number of compartments suitable to the dimensions of your plates, these boxes provide an extra secure, tailored fit to hold your plates in place. We also offer either hand grips or open handles to ensure the steadiest handling possible. 

Charger Plate Boxes

Looking for the perfect container to store and transport your delicate charger plates? We have the solution for you. Our charger plate boxes are reinforced to provide extra protection for these decorative pieces. With a uniform square design and handles on each side, these boxes are also easy to carry and stack. 

Besides this standard option, we also offer extra robust, heavy-duty boxes. With a load capacity of up to 300kg, they're a convenient way to carry, transport and store very large charger and dinner plates.

Plate Crates 

Unlike plate storage boxes, plate crates have ventilated sides. This visibility helps you identify the contents of your crate more quickly. With handles on each side, a reinforced base and wall design, and your choice of 2 to 8 compartments, our plate transport crates allow for effortless handling without compromising on protection. This solid plate crate range is ideal for transporting dinner plates and other chinaware. 

We also have a selection of wash and store plate crates for sale. These provide an all-in-one solution for transportation, washing and storage. With 8 to 30 compartments, these are ideal for high-volume conveyor washing. Besides being ideal for plates, these crates are also great for washing small engineering components, making them popular with event hire and engineering companies alike. 

With everything from dinner plate storage boxes to catering crates for plates, it can be difficult to choose the right storage container for your needs. Contact our friendly team for expert help in choosing your ideal plate box or crate. 

Storage Box Shop: Experts in Storage Solutions

At Storage Box Shop, we’re passionate about effective and efficient storage and offer diverse solutions to facilitate this. Available in multiple sizes and forms, our robust and durable storage products are designed to protect and organise an array of items. 

As a small, family-run business, we are people-oriented and always make sure to put our customers first. Our friendly service team is always happy to offer advice and help with any queries you may have. 

If you want to take your storage solutions to the next level, why not check out our convenient range of stackable storage boxes? You can also browse our box and crate accessories, including trolleys for easy transportation and a selection of lids for extra protection.

Ordering & Delivery

We keep large amounts of stock on hand, so we’re always ready for orders of all sizes. We also offer fast UK-wide delivery of our products and aim to dispatch orders placed before 12pm on the same day we receive them. 

Please note that large orders are often delivered on a pallet and can take between 2–3 working days to be shipped. However, if you’re in a rush to receive your commercial plate crates or other products, we offer next-day delivery at a small additional fee. 

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