Transport Trolleys

Don’t spend unnecessary time and effort moving your storage containers by hand. Increase the efficiency of your event hire or catering company with stylish transport trolleys from Storage Box Shop. 

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Made from premium and stable materials, our dolly trolleys are perfect for all terrains and roads. You can transport more items, lift heavy machinery or medical devices, maximise space, and navigate hallways and elevators with ease. 

Our heavy-duty dolly trolleys are suitable for industrial, retail, healthcare and many other industries. Able to help with all material handling tasks, they promise a secure workflow with improved efficiency and productivity. 

Experience effortless transportation with storage and dishwasher trolleys from Storage Box Shop. Browse our selection now and choose the best trolley for your needs!

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Heavy Duty Transport Trolley For 600x400mm Euro Boxes And Crates

Heavy-duty Transport Trolley for 600x400mm Euro Boxes & Crates

£34.99 ex. VAT
£41.99 incl. VAT
This powerful and robust Euro-sized transport trolley is designed to make light work of transporting boxes from Point A to Point B. With its European standard dimensions, it easily fits 60x40cm and 40x30cm containers! Boasting a high load-bearing capacity, this heavy-duty, industrial quality trolley greatly enhances the handling of heavy goods!
Heavy Duty Transport Trolley With Brakes For 600x400mm Euro Boxes And Crates

Heavy-duty Transport Trolley with Brakes for 600x400mm Euro Boxes & Crates

£39.99 ex. VAT
£47.99 incl. VAT
This robust dolly trolley makes transporting stacks of Euro containers an effortless task. With its Euro-specific dimensions, it's perfect for both 600x400mm and 400x300mm Euro boxes. Boasting a powerful load-bearing capacity, this heavy-duty storage trolley on wheels will help you manage hefty goods with ease. Get unbeatable prices when you buy it from Storage Box Shop UK!
Heavy Duty Commercial Dishwasher Rack Trolley For 500x500mm. Glasswasher Baskets

Heavy Duty Commercial Dishwasher Rack Trolley For 500x500mm Glasswasher Baskets

From £209.00 ex. VAT
From £250.80 incl. VAT
Increase productivity and make dishwashing a breeze with the Heavy Duty Commercial Dishwasher Rack Trolley. Designed to safely transport 500x500mm glasswasher baskets, this trolley's heavy duty structure helps you get the job done quickly and securely. A must-have in commercial dishwashing, the Heavy Duty Commercial Dishwasher Rack Trolley is the perfect solution to any dishwashing challenge.
Economy Commercial Dishwasher Rack Trolley For 500x500mm Baskets

Economy Commercial Dishwasher Rack Trolley For 500x500mm Baskets

£74.99 ex. VAT
£89.99 incl. VAT
This commercial dishwasher rack trolley is ideal for transporting 500x500mm dishwasher racks and baskets. Its robust design and construction makes it ideal for industrial use, featuring a high load-bearing capacity and large castors for smooth, quiet movement. With this trolley, you can easily and efficiently move heavy goods with confidence.
Heavy Duty Commercial Glass washer Rack Trolley For 400x400mm Glass washing Baskets

Heavy Duty Commercial Glasswasher Rack Trolley For 400x400mm Glasswashing Baskets

From £219.99 ex. VAT
From £263.99 incl. VAT
Scale to new heights with this Heavy Duty Commercial Glasswasher Rack Trolley. Designed to power through glassware movement with its strong and reliable construction, you'll feel invincible and ready for any challenge. Take a risk and be rewarded with a trolley that will never let you down!

Our Range of Transport Trolleys

There’s no need to carry your storage containers by hand. You can move large or heavy loads more efficiently with our range of transport trolleys. 

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Boasting high load capacities, these robust trolleys are designed to withstand industrial use in restaurants and other fast-paced commercial settings. Each dolly trolley features four wheels for easy manoeuvrability and quick and reliable transportation of your goods. 

Here’s what you can expect from our heavy-duty transport trolley range.

Euro Box & Crate Trolleys

Our speciality Euro-compatible trolleys are designed to accommodate solid Euro boxes and ventilated crates with 600x400mm and 400x300mm dimensions. These robust dollies boast rubberised swivel wheels for increased traction and effortless manoeuvring across different terrains. This use of rubber also helps protect fragile floors from damage.  

Each Euro container dolly features a polypropylene construction, as well as a 300kg load capacity. This is ideal for anyone needing a commercial transport trolley for heavy-duty moving of goods in warehouses, distribution centres and general manufacturing settings.

For increased convenience, these trolleys are also available with breaks. This useful addition allows you to control your trolley more easily and prevent rolling on uneven surfaces for maximum safety.

Dishwasher Rack Trolleys

Ideal for commercial kitchens and catering companies, we stock an industrial dishwasher racking trolley range. These heavy-duty dollies have 200kg load-bearing capacities and are made from durable polypropylene for enhanced robustness. 

Each trolley is designed for compatibility with 500x500mm dishwasher racks. Simply load your dishwasher basket onto your trolley and transport it from A to B with ease. This selection also comes equipped with large castor wheels for quick rack-moving with minimal noise. 

Glasswasher Rack Trolleys

Our glasswasher trolleys are perfect for moving racks of delicate drinkware quickly and easily. Depending on your industry needs, these transport dollies are available in various shapes and sizes with load capacities up to 250kg for larger loads. 

Each heavy-duty dolly trolley is also available to order with a drip tray. This is great for catching excess water from glasses that have been freshly washed. Our larger glasswasher trolleys can also be purchased with push bars for increased convenience and ease of use.

Transport your wash and storage containers with ease when you use robust but lightweight trolleys from Storage Box Shop. Check out our reliable online selection of dolly trolleys today. 

Dolly Trolleys - FAQs

Are you keen to learn more about how a transporting trolley can benefit your business? Read our answers to some frequently asked questions below. 

How should I maintain my transportation trolley?

Due to constant commercial use, transport trolleys can easily become damaged. You can help prevent this by following some simple guidelines.

  • Do not overload your trolley (always check the weight limits for this).
  • Wipe down your trolley’s base/dip tray containers before and after use.
  • Keep your trolley wheels lubricated for smooth transportation.
  • Store your trolley in a clean, dry place.
  • Inspect your trolley regularly and fix or replace any broken parts as soon as possible.

How do I use a transport dolly safely?

When it comes to using a transportation dolly, safety is key. Here are some tips to help you stay as safe as possible.  

  • Load your trolley carefully and ensure all weight is evenly distributed to prevent unstable loads from toppling over. 
  • Before you start pushing your trolley, check that there are no obstructions in your path and the ground is even. 
  • If applicable, use the brakes whenever your trolley is not moving. 
  • Do not stack your trolley too high, as this could impair your vision when moving it.

What is a castor wheel?

A castor (also sometimes spelled caster) is a structure that includes both a wheel and bracket. Known for their robustness, castors can reliably support large amounts of weight. Their innovative design helps reduce the effort required to move a heavy load. This is very useful in commercial environments, including distribution, catering and hospitality industries. 

Need help finding the perfect dolly trolley for your business? Contact us for more information and expert advice. 

Storage Box Shop: Commercial Storage Suppliers in the UK  

Based in the UK, Storage Box Shop specialises in supplying tailored storage solutions to diverse industries. Whether you’re transporting glassware or sorting and storing engineering components, we have the perfect container for you. 

Our product range is made using only the best high-quality materials. This means you’re guaranteed to get storage solutions that are built strong. 

Want to take your dishwasher or Euro container trolley to the next level? We offer a variety of transparent glassrack dust covers to protect the contents of your containers. 

Ordering & Delivery

We offer hassle-free delivery throughout the UK, with over 95% of our orders arriving within 1 working day. You can also get free shipping for orders over £499. For express next-day delivery, simply order your dishwasher rack trolley before 12pm on a working day. 

Please note that we have a 30-day return policy.

Moving heavy containers has never been easier than with dolly trolleys from Storage Box Shop. Invest in our online range of transport trolleys now to boost your business’ productivity.