Glassware Wash & Store Boxes

When it comes to storing glasses, protection is key. At Storage Box Shop, we stock a wide selection of secure glassware storage containers, including glassware boxes, dishwasher glass (racks) and baskets, and glass storage crates. 

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From home boxes to professional systems used by industry superstars, our top-notch glass storage has everything you need for washing, transporting and storing your glassware. Measure your space to find the perfect size container featuring internal dividers tailored to your needs. 

Store shot glasses, champagne flutes, wine glasses, as well as any other size glass safely and securely. With our glassware storage boxes, you can ensure your glassware is unscratched and ready for any bar, restaurant, catering, or event-hire business!

Discover a simple and secure solution for washing, transporting and storing your glasses. Browse our range of glassware storage boxes in the UK now!

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Commercial Dishwasher Racks For Wine Glasses Champagne Flutes Tumblers Gin Balloons Pint Glasses Shot Glasses

Commercial Dishwasher Racks For Wine Glasses, Champagne Flutes, Tumblers, Gin Balloons, Pint Glasses, Shot Glasses and much more

From £34.99 ex. VAT
From £41.99 incl. VAT
Wash and store your glass with Storage Box Shop’s commercial dishwasher rack from FRIES Rack System. Designed for wine glasses, champagne flutes, gin balloons, pint glasses, and more, our 500x500mm dishwasher rack protects and stores all glassware. Enjoy superior washing and drying from our wide selection of colour-coded dishwashing rack sizes — designed with hotels, restaurants, and the catering industry in mind.
Fries Rack System 400 Under-counter Glass-washer Baskets

FRIES Rack 400mm Glasswasher Basket With Compartments

From £29.99 ex. VAT
From £35.99 incl. VAT
The 400mm Glasswasher Basket with Compartments is part of the world-renowned Fries Rack System. Its efficient wash design enhances glassware protection while delivering flawless wash results. Perfect for under counter glasswashers, it's the ideal choice for busy establishments.
Two different height Euro 600x400mm ventilated crates side-by-side with with different coloured glassware

Glass Wash, Store & Transport Crates 600x400mm

From £18.99 ex. VAT
From £22.79 incl. VAT
Glass Wash, Store & Transport Crates 600x400mm are a lightweight and reliable solution for the hospitality and catering industry. Constructed of durable, reusable plastic, these 600x400mm crates make it easy to store and transport a wide variety of glasses.
Glassware Wash And Store Crates

Glass Wash, Store & Transport Crates with Top & Bottom Dividers

From £13.99 ex. VAT
From £16.79 incl. VAT
Our Glass Wash, Store & Transport Crates are designed to offer the perfect all-in-one solution. With top and bottom dividers, these crates securely store and transport glasses safely and conveniently.
Euro Glassware Storage Boxes

Euro Glassware Storage Boxes For Wine, Water, Flutes, Cocktail, Highballs, Hurricane, Shot Glasses and Much More

Was £17.99
Now From £16.19 ex. VAT
From £19.43 incl. VAT
Our robust range of Euro Glassware Storage Boxes is ideal for all your glassware storage and transportation needs. With various height and divider optimisation options available, you’ll find the perfect stackable storage box for your glasses and save time and money. These Euro glassware containers are ideal for wine glasses, cocktail glasses, highballs, hurricane shot glasses, and more. Find the perfect Euro glassware storage box for your commercial business today!
Half Size Euro Boxes 400x300mm With Compartments For Storing Glassware

Half Size Euro Boxes 400x300mm With Compartments For Storing Glassware, Engineering Components And Other Items

From £10.99 ex. VAT
From £13.19 incl. VAT
Protect and transport glassware, engineering components, and other fragile items with these Half Size Euro Boxes. They have been expertly crafted using flexible, unbrackeble compartments to keep the items secure in transit. The 400x300mm containers provide the perfect balance between security and organization. A reliable and elegant solution for ensuring that your valuable items arrive safely.
Glassjacks For Wine Glasses Champagne Flutes Tumblers Pints Beer Glasses and more

Glassjacks For Wine Glasses, Champagne Flutes, Tumblers, Pints, Beer Glasses & More

Was £11.50
Now From £10.35 ex. VAT
From £12.42 incl. VAT
Store and transport your fragile glassware with our Glassjack storage box range — boasting the EU’s largest combination of heights and compartments. Fit more glasses per storage box with storage maximisation and reduce the risk of breakages during handling. Ideal for wine glasses, champagne flutes, tumblers, pints, beer glasses, and more. Order Glassjack storage boxes from Storage Box Shop in the UK online today.
Folding Crates With Internal Dividers For Wine Glasses Champagne Flutes Tumblers Cocktail Beer Glasses Other Barware

Folding Crates With Internal Dividers For Wine Glasses, Champagne Flutes, Tumblers, Cocktail Glasses, Beer Glasses & Other Barware

From £22.99 ex. VAT
From £27.59 incl. VAT
Store and transport precious glassware with ease using our folding storage crates with internal dividers. They are designed to hold your wine glasses, champagne flutes, tumblers, cocktail glasses, beer glasses, and other barware safely and securely during storage and handling. Don’t let your business breakables succumb to poor-quality storage boxes. Pack, protect, and relax with Storage Box Shop.

Our Range of Glass Storage Boxes, Racks & Crates

Looking for safe storage for your glassware? We stock a comprehensive range of plastic storage containers with dividers and compartments that are the perfect solution for your glassware storage needs. 

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Our collection includes glassware storage boxes, glassware crates, and dishwasher racks and baskets. These containers are designed to keep their contents safe while you’re moving, washing or storing them. Our glassware containers are also available in several sizes and with varying levels of durability, making them suitable for both private and commercial customers.

Storage Boxes for Glasses 

Our glass storage range includes several Euro boxes with dividers. Having a drinking glasses storage box with compartments helps you get the most out of your storage space. 

Our Euro boxes have between 6 and 60 compartments and make great storage boxes for wine glasses, champagne flutes, pints and cocktails. They are also good for organising and storing engineering components. Made from high-density plastic, these storage boxes for glassware are extremely sturdy and durable. They are also easy to stack, making them ideal for environments with limited space, such as busy restaurants. 

We also offer several Glassjacks products, including 4mm Correx storage boxes. These boxes have a dual-walled construction that provides increased protection and cushioning to safeguard glassware contents against any impact. Additionally, their lightweight design allows for easy handling and transportation, making them popular glass storage boxes for moving. 

Dishwasher Racks & Baskets 

For more commercial environments, we offer dishwasher racks and baskets for combined glassware wash and store solutions. These products have a sturdy but lightweight construction that allows them to protect glassware while still being easy to handle. They also have a ventilated design. This not only promotes effective and efficient washing and drying of glasses but also facilitates the draining of stagnant water for increased hygiene.  

Our collection of racks and baskets is ideal for busy environments that need a quick turnover of glassware. Our glasswasher baskets come with 9 to 25 cells and are available in smaller sizes, making them ideal for under-counter glass washer machines in bars, bistros, cafes, and pubs. 

For larger establishments, our racks are the way to go. With up to 49 cells, these durable racks are designed for the washing, storage, and transport of glassware. This all-in-one functionality means you only have to pack them once. This not only saves you time but also decreases the chance of accidental breakages during handling. 

Collapsible Crates

Our collapsible crates have between 6 and 40 cells created by 4mm Correx dividers. With a dual-walled design, these dividers provide extra cushioned support and safety. Their accommodation of different sizes means you can store everything from delicate champagne flutes and coupes to sturdier cocktail tumblers. 

With extra-robust construction and integrated handles on each side, these glass storage crates can handle and transport heavy loads and are popularly used as catering products. Additionally, their ability to be folded when they’re not in use is great for saving space and makes them easy to move around and store.

Wash, Store & Transport Crates 

Within our collection, we also have durable glassware storage crates that offer a simple and secure solution to ensure your glassware remains safely stacked as you wash, store, and transport it. 

With ventilated designs and chemical and heat-resistant dividers, these crates are ideal for hygienic conveyance washing. They also have the option for 6 to 60 cells or unique top and bottom dividers that provide extra stability for taller glasses, such as champagne flutes. 

Our all-in-one crates have four handles and come with reinforced bases and walls. This makes them perfect for heavy-duty use, such as that required for glassware distribution or in event-hire environments. They’re also ideal for washing and storing engineering components.

With everything from wine glass storage boxes to glassware storage boxes for catering available, it can be tough to pick the right glass storage box. Contact our friendly team for advice on the perfect glass storage boxes for your needs.

Storage Box Shop: Specialised Storage Solutions in the UK 

At Storage Box Shop, we stock specialised storage solutions for a variety of industries, including catering, engineering, and events companies. If you want to buy storage boxes online, our diverse range will be sure to provide the perfect solution for all your storage needs. 

Not only are our products high-quality and durable, but they’re also made from eco-friendly, recyclable plastics. Additionally, our expert team prioritises customer service and is always happy to answer any questions you may have. 

In addition to our glassware storage box selection, we offer a range of storage products and accessories. These are designed to enhance the functionality of your plastic glass storage boxes and include lids for extra protection and easy stacking, as well as a selection of customisable dividers and inserts for crates, racks, and storage boxes.  

Ordering & Delivery

We offer an efficient UK-wide delivery service and welcome orders of all sizes. We aim to dispatch orders placed before 12pm on the same day we receive them.

Please note that large orders are often delivered on a pallet and can take between 2–3 working days to arrive. However, we offer next-day deliveries for an additional fee, so you can choose to receive your wine glass boxes or other storage solutions as soon as possible.

Whether you’re looking for a cushioned wine glass storage box with dividers or sturdy packing boxes for glasses in the UK, Storage Box Shop has you covered. Shop our diverse online range of glassware storage boxes today!