Beaded Charger Plate Storage Box and Other Large Plates Up To 330mm
Schoeller Allibert 25-Litre Stacking Box 360 x 360 x 250mm

Beaded Charger Plate Storage Box & Other Large Plates Up To 330mm

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This extraordinary beaded charger plate storage container takes your storage & transportation of high-frequency handled chinaware to new heights! Perfect for large plates up to 330mm wide, it's incredibly easy to load & handle. Experience unbeatable convenience with Storage Box Shop's extraordinary Beaded Charger Plate Storage Box - Plate Size up to 330mm - available online in the UK and EU!


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Product Description

This beaded charger plate storage box, stands out as the preferred choice for straightforward and budget-friendly plate storage. With the capacity to accommodate approximately 15 to 20 charger plates up to 33cm in diameter,  it is specifically made to securely and conveniently store both charger plates and large dinner plates shielding them from external impacts, these boxes guarantee the plates remain in immaculate condition. Charger plates are often made of delicate materials like glass, porcelain, or metallic finishes. Alternatively referred to as service plates or under plates, are expansive decorative plates commonly incorporated into formal table settings, particularly during special occasions such as weddings, banquets, or upscale dinners. Placed underneath the standard dinner plates, they contribute a decorative element to the table. Underscoring the importance of maintaining them in impeccable condition. Our beaded charger plate storage box provides a protective barrier, preventing scratches, chips, or other damage during transport or storage. Using a charger plate storage box from Storage Box Shop helps keep the plates organised, making it easier to locate and retrieve them when needed. This is particularly important for catering companies, event hire businesses and party planners, or anyone who frequently uses charger plates for special occasions. 

Discover the 25-litre square stackable storage box! Perfect for storing all types of equipment* such as books, tools, toys and school resources, it's a popular choice for schools and catering hire companies alike. Boasting high-quality and strong construction, it's easy to transport and an ideal solution for all your storage needs. Also known as the 13-inch plate box, it is robust yet lightweight, designed for easy handling and transport. Featuring four handles, these boxes offer convenience for carrying multiple charger plates simultaneously. Available in both blue and red, this square stackable design facilitates easy stacking, optimising storage space—an invaluable asset for businesses or individuals with spatial constraints. Often identified as 24025 Schoeller Allibert storage boxes, they are constructed from food-approved HDPE (High-density Polyethylene), ensuring durability against the demands of transportation and storage. Branding is also available with this product.

Personalise your plate storage boxes and make them truly unique with our printing services. You can display your logo, contact information, or a description of the contents by printing right on the box, or using high tack vinyl labels. When selecting a storage box for your charger plates, take into account both the size and material of your plates to ensure a secure fit and adequate protection. If you have plates larger than 33cm, explore our plate storage box options specifically designed for larger plates. It's crucial to choose a box that aligns with your specific requirements. Recognise that charger plate storage boxes often represent an investment for businesses or individuals regularly utilising charger plates for events. Proper storage not only safeguards the plates but also contributes to preserving their aesthetic appeal over the long term. Providing durability and longevity, these boxes ensure years of use, reducing the necessity for frequent replacements.

Storage Box Shop is committed to providing environmental and social responsible products that are sustainable and environmentally conscious. These professional storage solutions are designed with materials and production processes that prioritise minimal environmental impact. Made from a high quality recyclable material, these storage boxes will reduce resource consumption and waste generation. At the end of its life cycle, all components can be recycled separately through designated recycling facilities. Furthermore, its long-lasting, highly durable fabrication not only makes it economically efficient but also environmentally responsible. 

*If loading very heavy materials we recommend contacting us for a quote on polypropylene layers for extra reinforcement.

Product Specification
Product Features Stackable
Easy Wipe
High Density Polyethylene
Main Function Protect, Stack, Store & Transport
Base Dimensions L360xW360mm
External DimensionsL360 mm x W360 mm x H250 mm
Internal DimensionsL330 mm W330 mm x H225 mm
Capacity20 Plates (Approximately)
Load Bearing Capacity25 kg
Material HDPE High-density Polyethylene (Food Grade)
Box ColourBlue
Assembly Required Product arrives fully-assembled
Product StyleReinforced Base & Walls
Temperature Resistance -20°C to +80°C
Net Weight1.515 kg
Country of Origin United Kingdom