24L 600 x 400 x 120mm Shallow Euro Stacking Container Case with Carry Handle
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24L (600x400x120mm) Shallow Euro Stacking Container Case with Carry Handle

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This 24L Euro case is a dream to handle and stack! Lid clicks close with ease to defend your goodies from any harm or contamination. Enjoy peace of mind and store with confidence!


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Product Description

Enhance your storage and transportation efficiency with a this 24L Shallow Euro Case boasts carry handles, secure snap locks, and reinforced structure for optimum strength. Its ergonomic handgrips make manual handling effortless, perfect for catering, warehouses, distribution, or production. Even better, they're made from food-grade plastic, so they're resistant to acids, oils, and extreme temperatures (-20°C to 80°C).. The hinged lid securely clicks closed, ensuring that stored items inside the box are safely locked inside, this ensures seamless and secure transport and distribution of products. Also known as Euro boxes or Euro crates, they are standardised plastic containers widely used for storage, transport and handling of goods in various industries and applications such as cafeterias, warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing plants. Since these boxes adhere to European industrial sizing standards, they seamlessly align and stack with any Euro container. This feature simplifies the process of palletising and stacking, promoting compatibility with other brands of Euro boxes. Storage Box Shop presents a premium-quality selection of Euro stacking containers designed for lasting durability. Constructed from industrial-grade polypropylene plastic with solid walls, these containers are sturdy, resilient, and designed for enduring performance. Their elevated design seamlessly combines robust resilience with exceptional value for money. Featuring ergonomic handgrips for effortless manual handling and a reinforced structure for optimal strength and durability, these cost-effective Euro boxes excel in storage, organisation, transport, and handling. Delve further to explore the remarkable features and benefits as you continue reading.

Food Storage: This 600x400x120mm box serves as an ideal container for proofing dough and is well-suited for various professional catering applications. Whether utilised in home baking, commercial kitchens, or industrial settings, it proves to be a valuable tool for storing fresh pizza dough and other food products. This box facilitates better control over temperature and humidity, ensuring optimal conditions for achieving the best results. Trusted and employed by professionals, this catering storage box is both safe and user-friendly. It is perfect for diverse applications in a commercial kitchen, including pizza making, dough proofing, flour storage, food processing, cakes, pizzerias, bakeries, food stalls, farmers' markets, restaurants, artisan bread makers, takeaways, and more.

Comprehensive Range: Our extensive collection of Euro solid storage boxes, offers the ideal solution to meet all your requirements and preferences so you can find the most suitable option for your specific storage or transportation needs.

Exceptional Durability: Storage Box Shop prioritises enduring strength in the construction of our Euro Container bins. Designed with long-lasting robustness in mind, reinforced corners and side ribs enhance the structure, providing optimal strength and longevity. These bins maintain their shape even under conditions of uneven loads or impacts.

Stackable Convenience: Maximise your storage space and maintain a tidy, organised environment with the stackable feature of these exceptional storage containers. The exterior walls are reinforced with extra-strong ribs, ensuring high stability when stacked.

High-Impact Polypropylene Construction: The industrial grade Euro size stacking container are made from robust high-impact polypropylene plastic, also known as HDPP, these boxes, ensuring they can endure the challenges of demanding applications and constant use. Despite its extreme strength, this material is remarkably lightweight, allowing for easy manoeuvring.

Euro Footprint Compatibility: A fantastic solution that inter-stacks seamlessly with Euro footprint boxes, maximising your storage space and ensuring a stable load. Furthermore, the modular dimensions and standardised design guarantee compatibility with both Euro and standard pallets, optimising pallet organisation.

Versatility: The lasting practicality, resilient construction for extended use, and outstanding value make our Euro Boxes versatile and adaptable storage solutions. Ideal for a variety of industries and applications, these solid-sided containers excel in both industrial and commercial settings, proving valuable indoors and outdoors. Widely employed in warehouses, production plants, retail establishments, food production, catering and distribution services, hospitality, schools, universities, automotive and engineering companies, event hire businesses, factories, manufacturing plants, distribution centres, and more. Their solid sides and bases facilitate smooth movement in conveyor systems and automated handling processes. As specialists in food storage, all our containers are crafted from food-grade plastic and are easy to maintain with wipe-clean smooth walls and bases.

Chemical and Heat Resistant: Designed to withstand a range of temperatures, making them suitable for use in environments with varying climate conditions. The PP material exhibit resistance to acids, oils, as well as acids and alkalis. They are designed to endure both hot and cold environments, showcasing temperature resistance spanning from -20°C to 80°C.

Eco-Friendly: A product dedicated to environmental and social responsibility, it is recyclable, and at the end of its life cycle, all components can be recycled separately through designated recycling facilities. Furthermore, its long-lasting, highly durable fabrication not only makes it economically efficient but also environmentally responsible.

Customisation Options: Enhance your storage stacker with a range of accessories and services. Complimentary Euro Add-On Accessories.

Product Specification
Main Function Protect, Stack, Store & Transport
Base Dimensions L600xW400mm
External DimensionsL600 mm x W400 mm x H135 mm
Internal DimensionsL555 mm W355 mm x H117 mm
Capacity24 Litres
Load Bearing Capacity200 kg
Material Polypropylene (Food Grade)
Box ColourGrey
Assembly Required Product arrives fully-assembled
What's Included 1x (64120-S) 24L Shallow Euro Stacking Container with Hand Grips
1x (LID-64-H+CLIPS+LOCKS) Hinged Lid for 600x400mm Euro Boxes with Metal Clips for extra reinforcement on the Hinges & Snap Locks to lock Lid to Box
1x Black Carry Handle to fit Grey Euro Containers
Product StyleSmooth Base
Temperature Resistance -20°C to +80°C
Net Weight1.954 kg
Country of Origin Germany