Ventilated Euro Containers

Our ventilated storage crates are crafted from food-grade high-density polyethylene and are reinforced for extra safety and durability. The wide-ventilation design of these plastic boxes allows for maximum airflow and water circulation during the washing cycle. We have multiple heights available to match your storage needs, while European standard dimensions ensure these crates stack perfectly with other brands. Our premium ventilated plastic crates come from Germany, delivering the best quality available.

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Looking for ventilated Euro containers at competitive rates? Browse our ventilated plastic container selection online now! 

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15L 600x400x100mm Shallow Ventilated Euro Stacking Container

15L (600x400x100mm) Ventilated Euro Stacking Container

£7.99 ex. VAT
£9.59 incl. VAT
Our 15L Shallow Ventilated Crate is constructed with a food-safe, heat-resistant material for superior air & water permeability. Sturdy and simple to manage, this stackable crate is a reliable asset.
23L 600x400x130mm Perforated Plastic Euro Stacking Box

23L (600x400x130mm) Perforated Plastic Euro Stacking Box

£8.50 ex. VAT
£10.20 incl. VAT
This amazing 23L Perforated Plastic Crate (600x400x130mm) is a dream come true! Heat resistant and crafted from a food-safe material, it offers incredible water and air permeability. You won't believe your eyes—it's also stackable, robust, and oh-so-easy to handle! Get one now from Storage Box Shop in the UK and enjoy unbeatable prices.
26Liters 600x400x150mm Ventilated Stacking Euro Crate

26L (600x400x150mm) Ventilated Stacking Euro Crate

£9.99 ex. VAT
£11.99 incl. VAT
This 26L Ventilated Euro Crate is crafted from food-safe, heat-resistant material for exceptional air and water penetration. It's stackable, strong, and simple to manoeuvre.
34Liters 600x400x170mm Plastic Perforated Euro Stacking Crate

34L (600x400x170mm) Plastic Perforated Euro Stacking Crate

£10.50 ex. VAT
£12.60 incl. VAT
This 34L Ventilated Euro Crate is crafted from food-safe, heat-resistant material for exceptional air and water penetration. It's stackable, strong, and simple to manoeuvre.
38L 600x400x200mm Ventilated Euro Crate

38L (600x400x200mm) Ventilated Euro Crate

£10.99 ex. VAT
£13.19 incl. VAT
This 38 Litre Ventilated Plastic Box is truly stylish and constructed for strength. Reinforced walls and a reinforced base enable it to handle heavy loads, while the comfortable grip handles and Euro-standard size make it easy to use and store. Get yours now at Storage Box Shop, the UK's premier online shopping destination!
42 Liters 600x400x220mm Food Approved Euro Stacking Box With Perforated Sides

42L (600x400x220mm) Food Approved Euro Stacking Box with Perforated Sides and Base

£11.99 ex. VAT
£14.39 incl. VAT
This robust 42L Perforated Container is crafted from a resilient industrial-grade plastic, giving you stackable storage you can rely on! Put your trust in this ventilated crate and it won't disappoint.
49L 600x400x250mm Perforated Totebox Euro Container

49L (600x400x250mm) Perforated Totebox Euro Container

£12.99 ex. VAT
£15.59 incl. VAT
This industrial-grade 49L Ventilated Euro Crate is amazingly tough and hard-wearing! Perfectly sized for your storage needs, the 600x400x250mm Perforated Plastic Crate is also stackable and provides reliable storage for any situation. Get the best deals and shop for it online at Storage Box UK - you won't regret it!
55Liter 600x400x285mm Perforated Euro Container

55L (600x400x285mm) Perforated Euro Container

£14.50 ex. VAT
£17.40 incl. VAT
Our 55L Ventilated Euro Crates are remarkably sturdy, featuring rigid bases and walls to carry heavy items. Ergonomic grip openings make for comfortable carrying, and their standard Euro measurements make them perfect for palletising and stacking with the entire Euro series.
62L (600x400x350mm) Heavy Duty Ventilated Euro Crate

62L (600x400x350mm) Heavy Duty Ventilated Euro Crate

£15.50 ex. VAT
£18.60 incl. VAT
A fabulous 62L Euro Crate that is food-grade, easily stackable, strong, and durable! Its ventilated perforations offer unparalleled airflow and liquid permeability.
80 Liter 600x400x420mm Large Ventilated Plastic Euro Container Crate

80L (600x400x420mm) Large Ventilated Plastic Euro Container

£19.99 ex. VAT
£23.99 incl. VAT
Our 80L Perforated Crate offers superior capacity and strength, making it perfect for transporting and storing heavy items. Durable food grade polypropylene construction and a reinforced base ensure it can safely bear considerable loads. Stackable for added convenience!

Our Range of Ventilated Storage Containers

Part of our collection of stackable storage boxes, our ventilated Euro containers are designed to facilitate the protection, storage, washing and transportation of your goods. They're available in various colours and multiple heights for diverse storage solutions. These sturdy ventilated containers also all have a compact Euro footprint of 600mm by 400mm, so they can be easily stacked to save space. 

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Please note that the external dimensions of our ventilated Euro stacking containers include the ventilated sides and bases, meaning they’re slightly bigger than the internal dimensions. 

Enjoy reliability and convenience with our Euro-standard ventilated box or crate options. Here’s what you can expect from our ventilated container range. 

Robust Plastic Stackable Crates 

Our selection of stackable storage crates is extremely robust and able to withstand intense commercial use. Manufactured from food-grade polyethylene, these containers are suitable for numerous uses, including produce distribution. Their versatility is further increased by their depths, which span from 15l to 55l. This diversity means they can accommodate items of various sizes. 

Practical Perforated Design

Another major benefit of our Euro containers is their perforated design. Ideal for conveyor washing, this design allows contents to be easily cleaned to a high standard without unnecessary handling. Their ventilated sides and bases allow for easy water and airflow during a wash cycle and facilitate fast drainage for increased hygiene standards. These features make our plastic ventilated crates the perfect solution for fast-paced hospitality or catering industries.  

Crates in Various Sizes

Our plastic crate storage range includes crates in various sizes to suit your industry needs. Manufactured to meet industrial standards, these stackable plastic crates are perfect for storing either very large items or numerous medium or small items, such as catering supplies for a busy event. 

Heavy Duty Crates 

If you’re planning on storing or transporting hefty loads, our stable, heavy-duty crates are the perfect choice. Designed with structural integrity in mind, each stackable crate has a load-bearing capacity of up to 300kg. These durable plastic storage containers are perfect for withstanding the wear and tear of high-intensity environments while keeping their contents organised and protected. 

Shop Storage Box Shop online now for an array of Euro stacking plastic storage boxes and crates with ventilated sides. 

Ventilated Euro Containers — FAQs

Here are our answers to some common questions about perforated plastic containers to help guide you in making an informed purchase.

Why are Euro crates and boxes useful? 

Euro stacking storage boxes and plastic stacking crates all have a European standard base of 600mm by 400mm. This uniformity means you can easily stack these containers atop one another for enhanced space utilisation and optimised palletisation. This allows for easy storage, transportation, and organisation — no matter the quantity of containers you have. 

What’s the difference between food-grade polyethylene vs food-grade polypropylene?

Commonly used in the food industry, both high-density polyethylene (HDPP) and polypropylene (HDPE) are thermoplastic polymers that are categorised as ‘food safe’ because of their adherence to FDA safety standards. HDPP tends to be the more flexible of the two, while HDPE has a strong and rigid structure that’s ideal for heavy-duty use. 

Need help finding the right ventilated storage box or crate for your business needs? Contact our friendly team for advice about our selection of perforated Euro containers.

Storage Box Shop: Innovative Storage Solutions in the UK 

Storage Box Shop offers high-quality storage solutions to help organise and protect items for efficient storage and transportation. Offering a wide range that is suitable for everything from glassware and food to manufacturing supplies, we work alongside diverse industries, including catering services and events companies.

Our offerings include a selection of plastic container dividers and inserts. These are designed to create compartments within your ventilated plastic containers, allowing for increased organisation and protection of delicate items such as glassware. 

Ordering & Delivery

We offer fast UK-wide delivery, with free mainland shipping for orders over £499. An impressive 95% of our orders are delivered within 1 working day. To ensure you receive your ventilated plastic storage containers as soon as possible, be sure to place your order before 12pm on a weekday to enjoy our next-day delivery service. 

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