Euro Folding Crates & Attached Lid Containers

Enjoy space-saving, easy storage, and heavy-duty protection with our Euro folding crates and attached-lid containers

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Ideal for any tough distribution job, our folding heavy-duty storage crates are manufactured with durable, high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Perfect for catering, automotive, or office supplies, these collapsible storage boxes provide long-lasting use and are designed to hold, protect and transport heavy items. Plus, they fold for easy storage and transportation, so you can get the most out of your space and keep your items safe, no matter where you go. 

Made of food-grade, high-density polypropylene (HDPP), our Euro boxes boast 78% space savings when nest-stacked and 99% security. Their attached alligator lids and Tamper-Evident seals ensure your cargo stays safe and secure. Perfect for order collection, closed-loop distribution, and storage, these heavy-duty storage boxes have an ergonomic design that makes maneuvering easy and efficient.

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33L (400x300x350mm) Euro Nest Stacking Attached Lid Container

33L (400x300x350mm) Euro Nest Stacking Attached Lid Container

£17.99 ex. VAT
£21.59 incl. VAT
Introducing the perfect storage companion, the 33L Euro Nest Stacking Attached Lid Container from Storage Box Shop is a super-sized container is 400x300x350mm with an attached lid, so you don't have to worry about misplacing the top. With built-in nesting capabilities, you can store even more without taking up valuable space. Ready, set, stack with this super duper storage solution!
47Liters 600x400x230mm Folding Euro Stacking Crate

47L (600x400x230mm) Folding Euro Stacking Crate

£16.99 ex. VAT
£20.39 incl. VAT
Discover the convenience of our heavy-duty collapsable Euro containers, designed for effective storage, transportation and space-saving. The 47 Litre Large Folding Storage Crate (600x400x230mm) is perfect for any application, especially when folded down to a mere 40mm for compact stacking. Don't miss out - buy it today from Storage Box Shop, the UK's trusted online source for storage solutions!
42L 600x400x250mm Euro Nest Stacking Attached Lid Container Ref.D625

42L (600x400x250mm) Euro Nest Stacking Attached Lid Container

£18.99 ex. VAT
£22.79 incl. VAT
Enjoy the space saving benefits of this 42 litre Euro Nest Stacking Attached Lid Container, perfect for shipping and storage, with a stackable design and secure, attached lids. With its efficient design, you can nest stack it to take up less space in storage or during transportation. Made of heavy-duty plastic, this container is 600x400x250mm in size and supports up to 65kg in weight capacity.
24Litter 400x300x250mm Euro Nest Stacking Attached Lid Box

24L (400x300x250mm) Euro Nest Stack Attached Lid Box

£14.99 ex. VAT
£17.99 incl. VAT
Bring professionalism and convenience to your business operations with this 24L Euro Nest Stack Attached Lid Box. Made from robust materials and featuring a stylish, sleek design, this box offers superior protection for your items while allowing for easy, space-saving nesting and stacking. Its built-in, attached lid offers additional security and a stylish aesthetic.
35Liter 600x400x170mm Folding Euro Stacking Crate

35L (600x400x170mm) Folding Euro Stacking Crate

£15.99 ex. VAT
£19.19 incl. VAT
Discover the power of our heavy-duty Euro containers – they provide optimal storage and transport solutions while taking up minimal space. These reliable boxes collapse down to a mere 40mm, allowing you to stack them compactly when not in use.

Our Range of Euro Folding Crates & Attached-Lid Containers

Our selection of stackable storage boxes includes a range of Euro attached-lid containers and plastic collapsible crates. With their strong plastic construction, these long-lasting boxes and crates are able to withstand intense use. They’re also suitable for versatile commercial environments — whether you need to transport events hire equipment or store goods in a restaurant kitchen. 

Here’s what you can expect from our Euro attached-lid container and folding crate range.

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Euro Boxes With Lids

A Euro box with a lid is a great way to protect your items from dust, dirt, or other external factors. Also called tote boxes, our Euro containers with lids range in capacity from 24 litres to 42 litres. This diversity means you can always find the perfect Euro container with an attached lid for your needs.

Ideal for high-impact commercial environments like the distribution industry, our Euro stacking containers with lids can bear loads up to 200kg and boast ergonomic handles for safe and easy manoeuvring. Each Euro container with a lid also features a shock-resistant construction, making it great for storing and transporting delicate items. 

When you’re not using your plastic storage containers with lids, you can easily nest-stack them. This handy way to save space makes a plastic container with a lid a great solution for small or cramped environments. Additionally, their conveniently hinged lids will stay attached throughout this process, meaning you don’t have to worry about misplacing them. 

Euro Folding Crates

Are you looking for plastic foldable boxes to take your storage and transportation to the next level? Combining strength and functionality, our collapsible plastic crates are the perfect solution. These heavy-duty crates range in capacity from 35 litres to 47 litres and can hold loads up to 150kg. 

Featuring integrated handles for easy transportation, our plastic folding crates are ideal for catering services and food distribution. These collapsible plastic storage boxes are also great for increasing organisation, as their ventilated sides enable you to identify their contents more easily. 

Another major benefit of our collapsible storage box options is their space-saving ability. When not in use, you can collapse and fold your plastic storage crates. This reduces them to just 40 mm in size, meaning you can efficiently stack, store, or transport your collection of foldable plastic crates until you need them again.

Want to explore the diverse uses of our Euro-compatible plastic folding crate and attached-lid container range? Contact our friendly team for more information. 

Storage Box Shop: Expert Storage Solutions in the UK

At Storage Box Shop, we provide durable, high-quality storage solutions. Our product range is designed to facilitate the storage and transportation of goods in various industries — whether you’re transporting catering goods or organising automotive parts.

We also stock storage accessories to help you get the most out of your attached-lid containers and collapsible plastic boxes. Popular options include vinyl stickers for branding and custom divider inserts for increased organisation. 

Ordering & Delivery

We offer easy and efficient delivery throughout the UK, with free mainland delivery for orders over £499. An impressive 95% of our orders are delivered within one working day. 

To ensure you receive your attached-lid container or plastic foldable crates as soon as possible, why not take advantage of our next-day delivery service? Simply place your order before 12pm on a weekday and pay a small additional fee.

Store and transport your goods with ease using our Euro folding crates and heavy-duty, attached-lid containers. Buy collapsible storage boxes online from Storage Box Shop today.