XL Dishwasher Baskets 600x500mm

Want to keep your large crockery items safe during a commercial wash cycle? Our extra large racks are designed for wide-hood commercial dishwashers and rack conveyor washing machines. With outside dimensions of 600mm by 500mm and features such as webbing and transportation devices, they provide maximum maneuverability around curves and tracks. 

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Discover the perfect combination of quality and durability with our extra large, industrial dishwasher trays and dishwasher baskets for sale. Shop our range and get free UK mainland delivery for orders over £499. 

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600x500mm Extra Large Dishwasher Tray Rack For Washing Various Size Trays

Extra Large Dishwasher Tray Rack L600xW500mm For Washing Various Size Trays

£58.50 ex. VAT
£70.20 incl. VAT
Tackle all your dishwashing needs with ease with this Extra Large Dishwasher Tray Rack! Its roomy 600mm x 500mm size holds a variety of trays, and the elegant design means it looks great in any kitchen. Clean up with confidence - this rack can handle it all!
Extra Large Dishwasher Rack L600xW500mm

Extra Large Dishwasher Rack L600xW500mm For Washing Various Items Such as Cups, Bowls, Pans etc

£58.50 ex. VAT
£70.20 incl. VAT
Experience a luxurious wash for your various kitchen items with our Extra Large Dishwasher Rack. Showcasing impressive dimensions of L600xW500mm, this dishwasher rack is perfect for washing a wide range of items from cups and bowls to pans. Enjoy a cleaning process that would not compromise on quality with this elegant solution.
Extra Large Dishwasher Plate Basket 600x500mm

Extra Large Dishwasher Plate Rack 600x500mm

£58.50 ex. VAT
£70.20 incl. VAT
Experience advanced dishwashing with our Extra Large Dishwasher Plate Rack, ideal for large hood dishwashers. Our XL models measure 600 x 500 x 120 mm, perfect for conveyor washing machines and other passthrough dishwashers. Enjoy a premium-quality washing experience with our luxurious dishwasher plate racks.

Our Range of Extra Large Dishwasher Racks

As part of our selection of commercial dishwasher baskets and racks, we stock an extensive range of 600mm by 500mm dishwasher racks (also called dishwasher trays) for commercial use.

Each extra large tray has a plastic polypropylene construction for increased durability and strength. By opting for a larger commercial dishwasher rack size, you get an increase in loading volume. Combined with their 200kg load-bearing capacity, these trays can hold multiple heavy and large items with ease.  

Each rack features an Efficient Wash Design (EWD), including a wide-meshed base and sides for increased water and air circulation. Ideal for a conveyor or commercial glass washer, these trays also boast chemical- and heat-resistant properties and are suitable for temperatures from -20°C to +80°C.

Here’s what you can expect from our 600mm by 500mm dishwasher rack range.

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Plate Racks 

Our convenient 600mm by 500mm plate racks are suitable for both flat and deep plates and have built-in holders to facilitate staggered positioning. This unique feature prevents the plate edges from touching one another, thereby offering extra protection for your crockery. 

Ideal for a commercial kitchen, these dishwasher racks can hold between 22 and 24 plates (depending on depth). Their high-volume capacity is useful for busy environments like events, restaurants and pubs.

Tray Racks 

No matter the size of your trays, our 600mm by 500mm commercial dishwasher tray rack selection is the ideal all-rounder. Featuring built-in pegs, these racks enable you to load trays in different directions depending on their length. 

This versatility is especially handy for an extra large shallow plastic tray selection that may otherwise be a hassle to clean. Ideal for canteens or catering environments, these racks can easily hold up to 10 Gastronorm trays at a time.

Open Racks

Our 600mm by 500mm open racks have no built-in holders, meaning you can easily customise their setup to suit your needs. These are ideal for smaller-scale commercial use, like at private events, where you might not need an entire rack for one type of crockery. 

Depending on what needs cleaning, you can create a dishwasher glass rack one day and a combination rack for utensils and pots the next.

Contact our friendly team for more information about our extra-large commercial dishwasher trays and baskets..

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Want to get even more out of your 600mm by 500mm industrial wash rack systems? We stock a range of useful accessories for dishwasher racks, including custom dividers and several speciality crockery inserts. 

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