Commercial Dishwasher Glass Racks - 400mm

Keep your glasses secure during a wash cycle and facilitate more efficient cleaning with our 400mm commercial dishwasher glass racks. With a durable high-density polypropylene (HDPP) construction and 100kg load-bearing capacity, these racks are ideal for busy commercial environments like bars, restaurants, cafes and pubs. 

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Simplify your glassware washing and drying process when you buy a glass washer tray for your 400mm glasswasher machine. Shop our online collection now and get free shipping throughout the UK mainland for orders over £499. 

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Fries Rack System 400 Under-counter Glass-washer Baskets

FRIES Rack 400mm Glasswasher Basket With Compartments

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The 400mm Glasswasher Basket with Compartments is part of the world-renowned Fries Rack System. Its efficient wash design enhances glassware protection while delivering flawless wash results. Perfect for under counter glasswashers, it's the ideal choice for busy establishments.

Our 400mm Glasswasher Basket Range

Within our selection of commercial dishwasher racks and baskets, we stock a 400mm commercial glass rack collection. Also called dishwasher baskets, these protective glass washing racks are part of the Austrian-made Fries system. They boast an open-profile design for increased wash efficiency and are easily customised to fit all different types of glasses. 

 Suitable for 400mm-wide dishwashers, these racks can withstand temperatures between -20°C to +80°C. Combined with their lightweight but sturdy structure and food-grade special polypropylene construction, this makes them ideal for use in the catering and hospitality industries. 

 Whether you’re looking for the perfect dishwasher wine glass rack or commercial bar glass racks, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you can expect from our commercial dishwasher rack range.

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Base Racks With Dividers

All of the racks within our glass washer 400mm collection come equipped with plastic divider inserts. Available in standard sizes, these dividers create compartments to securely fit glassware of all widths. 

With your choice of 9, 16 or 25 cells, your dishwasher glass rack can secure glasses up to 68mm, 88mm and 115mm in width, respectively. This means you can easily accommodate everything from small shot glasses to broad-based tumblers. 

Base Racks With Extenders & Frames 

Our base glass washer racks are only suitable for shorter glasses. However, they’re also compatible with extenders and frames. These add-ons enable you to transform your standard 400mm rack into one which can hold items up to 252mm in height. 

Enjoy superior organisation and wash standards with a dishwasher rack for wine glasses or other barware. Shop our glass racks for commercial use online now.

400mm Dishwasher Racks — FAQs

Whether you’re buying a champagne glass rack or any other 400mm glass holder for your dishwasher, it’s wise to know as much about the product before making your choice. Here are our answers to some common glass washer basket questions.

Why should I use a dishwasher rack with ventilated sides? 

When using our ventilated Fries racks, you can rest assured that your glasses will be properly cleaned every time. 

Our industrial glass racks are designed to help maximise the cleaning results of your 400mm-wide dishwasher or under-the-counter glass washer. Each glass dishwasher tray boasts an open-profile design that enables easy water and air circulation for efficient washing and drying of your champagne, whiskey, or pint glasses.  

The ventilated sides and base also facilitate faster drainage for improved hygiene standards. This efficiency saves you both time and effort, making this glass washing rack the perfect choice for fast-paced environments like restaurants. 

Why should I use a dishwasher glass holder with dividers? 

When regularly cleaning large quantities of glasses in a fast-paced commercial environment, you want to ensure these delicate items stay protected. Using a glass washer rack with dividers is an effective way of securing your glasses and preventing breakages.

It’s important to pair your commercial glass racks with the correct size dividers for your glassware. Having snug, individual compartments will provide extra stability during a wash cycle and prevent your glasses from bumping into one another and potentially chipping.

Can I use my Fries Rack System for storage? 

Yes, your Fries rack can be used for washing, drying, transportation and storage. With their open design, these racks can easily double as ventilated plastic storage containers. So, instead of buying separate plastic storage boxes, you can use your dishwasher-friendly Fries plastic container as a box to store your glassware.  

However, you should be aware that your rack’s ventilated sides increase the risk of your glassware being exposed to external contaminants like bacteria or dirt. To prevent this and keep your glasses as clean as when they came out of the dishwasher, you can use a glass rack dust cover during transportation and storage. 

Want help navigating our collection of 400mm dishwasher glass racks? Contact our expert team for help finding the ideal glass washer basket to suit your industry needs. 

Storage Box Shop: Professional Storage Solutions 

At Storage Box Shop, we pride ourselves on supplying expert storage solutions to diverse industries throughout the UK. Whether you’re an events-hire company in need of plastic storage crates or a restaurant looking for a dishwasher wine glass holder, we can help.  

Made from durable materials like special polypropylene, our high-quality products are designed to withstand intense commercial use.  

Want to take your glass washer trays or racks to the next level? We stock numerous accessories for glass washer baskets with 400mm dimensions. Popular products include protective dust covers and convenient transportation trolleys.   

Ordering & Delivery 

We offer efficient delivery throughout the UK and keep enough stock on hand to satisfy orders of any size. An impressive 95% of our orders are delivered within 1 working day, so you’ll be able to use your commercial wine glass rack for your dishwasher before you know it. 

Experience more efficient washing and drying with a glass washer tray for your 400mm machine. Explore our collection of commercial dishwasher glass racks online and get next-day delivery for orders placed before 12pm on a weekday.