Commercial Dishwasher Glass Racks - 500mm

It can be easy for delicate glassware to get damaged during a wash cycle. However, you no longer have to worry when you use our 500mm by 500mm commercial dishwasher glass racks. 

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These containers have a durable, high-density polypropylene (HDPP) construction that makes them ideal for commercial dishwashers like those used in bars, restaurants and canteens. Whether you’re looking for a tumbler or wine glass rack for your dishwasher, our comprehensive range has you covered. 

Commercial dishwasher racks for wine glasses and other glassware are a great way of protecting your breakable items without compromising on wash efficiency. Shop from our competitively-priced range of commercial dishwasher glass racks now. 

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Commercial Dishwasher Racks For Wine Glasses Champagne Flutes Tumblers Gin Balloons Pint Glasses Shot Glasses

Commercial Dishwasher Racks For Wine Glasses, Champagne Flutes, Tumblers, Gin Balloons, Pint Glasses, Shot Glasses and much more

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Wash and store your glass with Storage Box Shop’s commercial dishwasher rack from FRIES Rack System. Designed for wine glasses, champagne flutes, gin balloons, pint glasses, and more, our 500x500mm dishwasher rack protects and stores all glassware. Enjoy superior washing and drying from our wide selection of colour-coded dishwashing rack sizes — designed with hotels, restaurants, and the catering industry in mind.

Our Range of 500mm Commercial Dishwasher Glass Racks

Looking for a commercial dishwasher rack for wine glasses, gin balloons or other glassware items? As part of our commercial dishwasher racks and baskets range, we offer a selection of commercial glass racks for dishwashers. 

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These racks originate in Austria and form part of the renowned Fries rack system. Each rack features removable dividers to create compartments for increased organisation and protection of your glasses. They also boast adjustable height capabilities when paired with extenders and frames.

Made from food-grade HDPP, our racks are not only chemical and heat-resistant but also have a weight capacity of 200kg. This makes them perfect for heavy-duty use in industrial settings. The range is also designed to be compatible with commercial dishwashers and conveyor washers for convenient, efficient cleaning.

Here’s what you can expect from our dishwasher glass rack range. 

Base Racks With Dividers 

All of our glassware dishwasher racks come with your choice of plastic dividers. These are conveniently colour-coded for size and designed to accommodate glass widths of up to 150mm. 

The racks themselves feature an Efficient Wash Design (EWD), with ventilated bases and sides to help improve water and air circulation during a wash cycle. This ensures your glasses are as squeaky clean as possible. The ventilation also facilitates increased drainage to boost hygiene and help your washed glassware to dry.

Base Racks With Extenders & Frames

A key benefit of our racks is their ability to be customised. Extenders and frames can increase the height of your racks to fit a variety of different glassware items up to 290mm. This versatility is great for environments like restaurants that use multiple types of glasses. 

For example, you can easily transform a rack for whiskey glasses into a secure dishwasher wine glass holder. Due to their versatility, these customisable racks are also suitable for organising and washing small automotive components. 

Glass Racks for Dishwasher Use - FAQs

When buying dishwasher racks for your business, you want to make the most informed decision possible. Explore our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions to broaden your knowledge. 

Who should buy dishwasher racks for glasses? 

Our glassware dishwasher racks and dividers boast a sturdy HDPP construction. This makes them ideal as industrial glass racks for commercial environments like bars, restaurants, canteens and more. Their versatile uses also make them convenient for events-hire and catering companies that need to safely transport glassware items. 

What are the benefits of owning a commercial glass rack?

Our selection of Fries racks offers a great way to wash, transport and store your glassware. Their unique design minimises unnecessary handling. This is not only convenient but saves time and reduces the risk of breakages in a fast-paced environment.

How do I ensure I buy the right size rack for my glassware? 

To choose the perfect-sized rack for your needs, simply measure the height and width of your glasses with a tape measure or, if preferred, use a Storage Box Shop measurement card. Our Fries racks can be used with an array of dividers, extenders and frames, meaning you can use one rack for multiple glassware items. For example, you can adjust the same container to be a champagne flute, tumbler or wine glass dishwasher rack.

Need help choosing the perfect glass rack for sale? Contact our team for information and advice about our collection of glass racks for commercial use. 

Storage Box Shop: Expert Storage Solutions in the UK 

At Storage Box Shop, we are passionate about providing innovative storage solutions and stock a variety of specialised options in the UK. We cater to diverse industries, including events-hire, catering, and hospitality companies, and pride ourselves on our customer-centric approach. Our high-quality and durable offerings are designed to organise, safeguard, store and transport an array of items, ranging from kitchenware to engineering components.

Want to take your dishwasher racks for glasses to the next level? We offer a variety of accessories to help enhance your organisation and storage. Popular options include our custom dividers (so you can always have the perfect compartment size for your needs) and thermal printing. Our Fries range also includes handy inserts like a dishwasher glass holder (also called a glass relax), as well as specific glasswasher rack and basket options.

Ordering & Delivery

We offer efficient UK-wide delivery services, with free shipping throughout the UK mainland for orders over £499. A total of 95% of our orders are delivered within 1 working day. If you’d like to receive your Fries rack system as soon as possible, simply place your order before 12pm on a working day to enjoy our next-day delivery service. 

Organise and safeguard your glasses during the washing process with a glass rack for commercial use. Shop from our wide range of commercial dishwasher glass racks online and receive a 5% discount when you subscribe to our newsletter!