500mm Dishwasher Baskets

In busy commercial environments, it’s crucial to have a reliable dishwasher basket that can accommodate high-volume demands. Without this, you run the risk of decreased efficiency, which can lose your business money. Luckily, we stock a high-performance 500mm FRIES range of dishwasher baskets designed for convenience and reliability.  

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Compatible with standard commercial dishwashers, our racks are ideal for effectively washing and protecting large quantities of kitchenware. This 500mm range is also available with various inserts for extra security. These inserts enable you to create specific compartments for items like wine and champagne glasses. 

Boost your organisation and efficiency with a commercial dishwasher basket from Storage Box Shop. Shop our range of 500mm dishwasher baskets now and receive a 5% discount when you subscribe to our newsletter.  

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Basys Basket 500 Fries Baskets With 4 Glass-Relax

Tiered & Cascading FRIES 500mm Glasswasher Basket

From £34.99 ex. VAT
From £41.99 incl. VAT
Providing ultimate protection and convenience, our 500mm glasswasher basket features glass recliners which stack glasses with a gentle incline, offering outstanding results in the wash cycle while greatly diminishing the risk of breakage. Crafted from durable special polypropylene, this easy-to-use glasswasher basket is an ideal solution for fast-paced bars and eateries.
500mm Multi Purpose FRIES Commercial Dishwasher Basket

500mm Multi Purpose FRIES Commercial Dishwasher Basket

£44.99 ex. VAT
£53.99 incl. VAT
Marvel at this 500x500mm dishwashing basket, ideal for use with pass through dishwashers, rack conveyors, & standard undercounter dishwashers! Easily wash glassware, plates, cutlery & other barware with this convenient tool. What's more, 25 pint glasses can be stored when the inserts are removed - perfect for bustling bars, restaurants, & pubs! Includes: Glass Relax, Plate Holder & Cutlery Basket
500 Fries Glasswasher Basket Image With Glasses

FRIES 500mm Glasswasher Basket

£29.99 ex. VAT
£35.99 incl. VAT
This robust 500mm polypropylene glasswasher basket is designed to endure high temperatures and various chemicals - all the way up to 80°C. With a capacity of 25 pint glasses, it'll fit into 500mm commercial dishwashers and under-counter glasswashers with ease - ideal for bars, restaurants & pubs!
Open Sided 500mm Dishwasher Rack

Open-Sided 500mm Dishwasher Rack

From £39.99 ex. VAT
From £47.99 incl. VAT
Experience effortless access to glassware and chinaware with an Open-Sided 500mm Dishwasher Rack - perfect for under-counter storage! It's the ideal way to keep your kitchen organised and clutter-free. Enjoy quick and easy access to dishes while saving space!

Our Range of 500mm Commercial Dishwasher Baskets

Looking for a replacement dishwasher rack for your business? Our selection of commercial dishwasher racks and baskets contains the perfect, high-quality 500mm dishwasher basket for you. 

Part of the renowned Fries Rack System, our 500mm baskets are manufactured with special polypropylene for style and durability. This sturdy design enables them to withstand intense commercial use. It also helps protect glassware from damage, saving you the expense and stress of having to buy replacements.

Boasting heat resistance and industry-standard sizing, this selection is ideal for commercial dishwashers. Each dishwasher basket also features an Efficient Wash Design (EWD) for optimised cleanliness with easy water and air circulation.

Here’s what you can expect from our 500mm commercial dishwasher basket range.

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Baskets And Inserts

With 200kg load-bearing capacities, our glasswasher baskets can hold a large quantity of kitchenware at once. This is essential for keeping fast-paced environments like restaurants running smoothly.

Each 500mm basket for your dishwasher is compatible with a variety of inserts for glassware, plates and utensils. This enhances organisation and simplifies the loading and unloading of your commercial dishwasher basket for increased efficiency.

Base Racks And Extenders

Our open-profile base racks are suitable for a variety of crockery and cutlery, including glassware. Each rack holds up to 25 pint glasses and is compatible with height extenders to accommodate long stemware. This versatile design means you won’t have to buy a dishwasher rack replacement if you ever get a new glassware range. Rather, you can simply modify your existing base rack.

Open-Sided Racks

Great for under-the-counter storage, our open-side racks can save valuable space in compact environments. Opting for a rack with one or two open sides provides increased length capacity, enabling you to effortlessly load your commercial dishwasher with trays, chopping boards and more.

Want help navigating the amazing benefits of our commercial dishwasher basket range? Contact our friendly team for help choosing your ideal 500mm dishwasher replacement racks.

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Increase the functionality of your 500mm commercial dishwasher basket collection with our selection of accessories. This includes handy divider inserts that can create up to 49 individual cells per rack.

Ordering & Delivery

We offer efficient UK-wide delivery. If you can't wait to start using your dishwasher tray or rack, simply place your order before 12pm on a weekday to enjoy next-day delivery. Please note, you can return products for 30 days after receiving them.

Experience commercial cleaning like never before with Storage Box Shop’s range of 500mm dishwasher baskets. Buy online now and get free shipping for orders over £499.