Commercial Dishwasher & Storage Accessories

Is your event hire company tired of replacing glassware that breaks during transportation? Does your crockery take up too much space in your commercial kitchen? At Storage Box Shop, we offer a vast selection of accessories to help you wash, store and transport your breakables with ease.

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Our robust range includes Fries Rack System, Correx and Euro Box parts so you can personalise any container. Organise your glasses and plates with dividers before using container lids with hinges and snap locks to secure them. Experience optimal wash results and easy transportation with our basket drip trays and transport trolleys. Finally, make a lasting impression with high-tack vinyl labels from our in-house printing service. 

Start customising your containers with storage box components and commercial dishwasher accessories from Storage Box Shop. Explore our vast online collection of storage container accessories now.

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500mm FRIES Glasswasher Basket Insert - Glass Relax

500mm FRIES Glasswasher Basket Insert - Glass Relax

£4.75 ex. VAT
£5.70 incl. VAT
Experience optimal glassware washing with the Glass Relax Insert! It clicks-in fitting perfectly in general-purpose baskets while providing a vertical lean to securely hold glasses. Up to 5 inserts can fit into a 500mm glasswasher basket, making it the perfect solution for busy bars and restaurants. Washing results are improved & the chance of breakage is reduced with this fantastic product.
Drip Tray For 500mm Dishwasher Racks And Baskets

Drip Tray For 500x500mm Dishwasher Racks & Baskets

Was £49.50
Now £45.00 ex. VAT
£54.00 incl. VAT
Our 500mm Drip Tray is the perfect solution for draining your 500mm dishwasher baskets. Made with durable materials, this tray will give you reliable drainage and long-term protection for years to come. Get yours today and keep your dishes dry.
400mm FRIES Glasswasher Basket Insert Glass-Relax

400mm FRIES Glasswasher Basket Insert - Glass Relax

£7.95 ex. VAT
£9.54 incl. VAT
This click-in insert is the perfect choice for busy bars and restaurants - designed to fit 400, 396, and 390mm general-purpose baskets, it keeps glassware safe and secure during washing. Great results and reduced breakage are easily achieved with its helpful vertical lean design.

Our Range of Storage Components & Accessories

At Storage Box Shop, we stock a variety of dishwasher rack and storage box accessories. With components available in an array of sizes, this selection is designed to provide you with a hassle-free and customised experience.

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We offer accessories for Euro Box, Fries Rack System, and Correx containers. Whether you’re a catering company transporting glassware or a restaurant washing dishes, we’ve got the perfect components for you. 

Here’s what you can expect from our innovative selection of container components and accessories.

Dishwasher Rack Accessories

Suitable for commercial dishwashers, our 400mm and 500mm glass rack accessories are ideal for busy environments like restaurant kitchens. We offer several inserts, including cutlery baskets for enhanced organisation. Depending on your glassware, our rack components also enable you to extend your base height with additional frames. 

Ventilated Euro Crate Accessories

We stock a selection of Euro accessories for our wash and store plates. These include various dividers to create individual compartments. We also offer you the option to create personalised vinyl labels with your logo and contact information. These are a great way for caterers and other event-based companies to advertise their services in style.

Euro Box Accessories 

Keep external contaminants out of your Euro container with our selection of place-on and hinged lids for storage boxes. Compatible with 400x300mm and 600x400mm containers, these lids also allow for easy inter-stacking. Inside each box, you can organise your goods with differently-sized Euro box inserts

Correx Box Accessories 

Your Correx storage boxes aren’t complete without our selection of Correx box dividers and lids. Boasting a thickness of 4mm, these components offer enhanced protection for your breakables — especially during transportation. 

Transparent Plate Box Accessories

Perfect for a commercial kitchen environment, our 400mm plate box accessories include cell dividers to keep your crockery secure. We also stock click-close box lids to keep your contents clean.

Want to know more about our storage box and glass washer accessories? Contact our friendly team for more information. 

Storage Box Shop: Leading Commercial Storage Experts in the UK

At Storage Box Shop, we offer tailored commercial storage solutions throughout the UK. Our comprehensive collection caters to diverse industries, including events hire and engineering companies. 

Want more bespoke solutions for your storage boxes? We offer custom dividers made from robust Correx and polypropylene.

Ordering & Delivery

We offer fast, UK-wide delivery with free shipping for orders over £499. Order your cutlery baskets or other accessories before 12pm on a weekday for next-day delivery.

Please note that you can return items for up to 30 days after delivery.

Boost your organisation and efficiency with durable storage box components and commercial dishwasher accessories. Explore Storage Box Shop’s versatile selection of wash, transport and storage accessories now.